• Image of CDUN46 Fotonovela:A Ton of Love CD

"Overall, ‘A Ton Of Love’ is great album but has sort of been a victim of FOTONVELA’s own success. The sessions have spawned some the best songs of 2013 and luckily, a number of them are on this album. This is a rather fine showcase for one of best production teams in Europe; ‘A Ton Of Love’ does what it says rather well."

The Electricity Club (Dec 2013)

Brand new ,2nd album from Fotonovela.
Digipack sleeve.

01. Big Black Hole
(feat. Marsheaux)
02. Our Sorrow
(feat. James New)
03. Justice
(feat. Sarah Blackwood)
04. Arrows
(feat. Echoes)
05. Clean Slate
(feat. Beth Cassidy)
06. Romeo & Juliet
(feat. James New)
07. Freeze Frame
(feat. Kid Moxie)
08. Heartful of Nothing
(feat. Daryl Smith)
09.Close To Me
(feat. Marsheaux)
10. Beautiful
(feat. Sarah Blackwood)
11. Love without Fear
(feat. Patrick Donohoe)