• Image of CDUN16 MARSHEAUX:             Lumineux Noir CD

'Lumineux Noir' is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2007 album "Peek A Boo" .
Described as Marsheaux 's "Violator" by the UK music site Electronically Yours, 'Lumineux Noir' is a sublime collection of analogue gems packed with lush
vocals and synth hooks that will remain with you throughout 2009.
Comes with 6 different posters.

01. Exit
02. Breakthrough
03. Sunner
04. Stand By
05. Radial Emotion
06. Destroy Me
07. Loss Of Heaven
08. Faith
09. It's Fine Now
10. Thousand Leds
11. So Far
12. Sorrow

(Release date 12.10.2009)

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