• Image of LPUN47 Sad Disco: s/t LP

We are really proud to announce the debut album of the electro pop duo from Athens.
Sounds like the most glorious memories of the synth pop legacy with a dramatic, fresh feel.
Imagine a mixture of Cut/Copy ,Presets and Tears For Fears.
An incredible album indeed!!

LTD 300 copies .All Signed by Sad Disco on inner Sleeve.

01 Beat 6:09 mins
02 Heart 4:30 mins
03 For Me 3:57 mins
04 Only Like It 4:38 mins
05 In The Dark 3:20 mins

01 Glory 5:22 mins
02 Hurt 5:36 mins
03 Higher Call 5:56 mins
04 Dawn 7:45 mins

Sad Disco is the duet of Dimitris Biniaris and Theod Kopoul, two very different people. The first a melancholy, romantic introvert and the second an
extrovert, full of energy and good mood. They began composing and recording music under a lot of tension between them.They almost arranged their
recording hours in the studio so that they wouldn't stumble upon one another. Among this situation they created songs which reflect their so different
personalities, the gloomy, dark and full of melodies part and the lively, rhythmical, dance part.
The nine songs that came out of this peculiar marriage, among them the already released single "Heart", became their debut LP. An almost concept album
with songs within which someone can hear echoes from the past like Tear for Fears, Madonna, Human League, Beloved, and more contemporary such as
M83, and Cut Copy, moving among genres such as Synth Pop, Electronic, Power Pop, Indie Pop, Pop Rock and House.
The songs derive their topics from Dimitris Biniaris' emotional variations, with references in the impulses someone has from lost love, despair, the
prospect of a new start, the longing for a person.
Sad Disco's self titled LP, from the beginning of the first song "Beat" with its dark rhythmical progress until "Dawn" the optimistic album closer, presents a
time traveling, almost vintage production, with very intense emotional songs and strong melodies.

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