• Image of CDUN27 Hometaping:Red Coffee CD

"Red Coffee" is again a compilation of multifarious pieces made between 2005- 2010. Conceived and recorded after, before or during various household
activities the songs bear sometimes an air of playfulness and others a sense of discomfort about the house and its surroundings. More tender and uneasy
than ever HOMETAPING invite you to this new tour around the house and the neighbourhood.

01. red coffee
02. the neighbor
03. lotus blossoms
04. alone in the sweet dark
05. dreams and free will
06. ever
07. one last cigarette before we go
08. let's dive
09. swimming with mum
10. fields and frames
11. and the dog looked at the boy
12. the hills
13. this room
14. to those who pick their hoses
15. walkman shot

(Release date 18.04.2011)