• Image of CDUN25 OMD:History Of Modern CD
  • Image of CDUN25 OMD:History Of Modern CD

Greek edition is totally different to any other edition.
Comes into a hardback box ,includes the LTD UK CD+DVD and an extra "If You Want It" REMIXES CD with
exclusive mixes inside.The whole package is wax sealed with "Orchestral Moanoeuvres In The dark" logo
ribbon .
The first variation CDUN25R includes the LTD UK CD+ DVD(BNL001CDX) and the
CDUN25C,CDUN25P,CDUN25Y the normal UK CD.
B states for Blue
C states for Cyanne
P states for Purple
Y states for Yellow

01. New Babies New Toys
02. If You want It
03. History Of Modern (part I)
04. History Of Modern (part II)
05. Sometimes
06. RFWK
07. New Holly Ground
08. The Future The Past And Forever After
09. Sister Mary Says
10. Pulse
11. Green
12. Bondage Of Fate
13. The Right Side


1. In The Studio Interview
2. The Making Of History Of Modern
3. Lyrics And Album
4. Hidden Artwork Files


1. French Horn Rebellion Remix
2. We Have Band Remix
3. Villa Nah Remix
4. Club Royal Remix
5. Teeth Remix
6. Syntomatix Remix
7. IT95 Remix
8. Marsheaux Remix

(Release date 16.11.2010)

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